Bread for the World Subcommittee

Bread for the World Subcommittee 


Bread for the World is an ecumenical coalition of churches that strives to end hunger throughout our nation and around the world. At St. Ignatius, the rich social justice tradition of the church inspires us to encounter the face of Christ in all individuals who lack proper access to food. Whether this endeavor is carried out via direct engagement with impoverished residents of Baltimore, or through written advocacy campaigns to members of Congress, Bread for the World at St. Ignatius Church seeks to highlight and cater to the pressing needs of hungry people at home and abroad.

Primary Goals/Intentions:

Ending the phenomenon of rampant hunger around the globe and in our own backyards. We, as members of St. Ignatius Church, carry out this objective by persuading members of Congress to resist the urge to cut programs that assist individuals who depend on them for nutritional sustenance through Offerings of Letters; in conjunction with ongoing efforts to inform parishioners about the plight of hungry brothers and sisters in Baltimore, Maryland.

Key Issues/Projects:

Reforming U.S. Food Aid is Bread for the World’s central issue. The aim of the campaign is to streamline the process by which the federal government disseminates food aid to troubled areas around the globe – making it more efficient. Currently, the laws in force make this process slow and counterproductive (Food that is shipped overseas must be grown in the United States; food resources shipped overseas must be carried by American vessels)

  • Changes will ensure that 17 million more people (especially pregnant women and children) can benefit from the aid while also allowing American tax dollars to be used more efficiently.
  • Food will be able to be purchased closer to where the priority is, rather than waiting or it to be shipped overseas.

Throughout the U.S, 1 in 6 people suffers from a lack of access to proper nutrition. The hunger statistics in the state of Maryland closely mirror the national average. 1 out of every 7 Marylanders is impacted by malnutrition. 38% of these individuals cannot qualify for federal or state assistance and rely solely on food banks for support

Contact:  Candra Healy,

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