Bread For The World Sunday

Bread For The World Sunday

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November 18, 2017


November 19, 2017


November 19 is Bread for the World Sunday! (download flyer)

A Thank You to Our Parishioners and More

St. Ignatius is celebrating Bread for the World Sunday on the weekend of November 18-19, we want to thank all of our parishioners who are living out the Gospel by supporting Baltimoreans in our community who are suffering from hunger and food insecurity, especially families and children. By taking action at the individual, community, and policy levels, you are making our city of Baltimore a better place.

But there are still Baltimoreans who need our help. About 10.1 percent of Maryland’s 2.3 million families faced food insecurity from 2014 to 2016. About 23.2% of Baltimoreans – 144,360 individuals  – suffered from food insecurity in 2015. Considering $3.10 as the average cost of a meal, it would take $80,192,000 to feed them each year. So, for anyone interested in getting more involved, or getting involved for the first time, we want to share information on potential next steps and new opportunities you can take to continue making God’s vision of a world without hunger into reality.

These include volunteering with our Loaves and Fishes Ministry, making contributions to Viva House, among others; and – especially getting involved in advocacy work on behalf of our brothers and sisters who are at risk both at home and abroad by engaging our leaders in Congress.

Thank You to The Loaves and Fishes Ministry 

Thank you to all the donors, volunteers, team captains, and leaders connected to the Loaves and Fishes Ministry at St. Ignatius. Since 1986, it has been providing food to Baltimore City’s homeless. Now, the Ministry provides a nourishing meals on weekends, creating an opportunity for fellowship for homeless patrons and ministry volunteers. The ministry provides a meal every Saturday and Sunday night. Clothing is also given out during the cold seasons to those most in need. While weekly numbers vary, the ministry generally serves meals to 150 to 175 patrons each Saturday and each Sunday evening. For anyone interested, please visit the Loaves and Fishes Ministry webpage here or download the flyer here.

Thank You for Making a Contribution to Viva House 

Thank you to all parishioners who have made a contribution to our regularcollections for Viva House. Located in the Southwest Baltimore community (also known as Sowebo, to city residents), Viva House was founded nearly 50 years ago by Brendan Walsh and Willa Bickham, a husband-and-wife team of social justice activists. Viva House is part of a network of places around the country that are part of the Catholic Worker Movement. Viva House serves two meals per week to about 200 people from the neighborhood and elsewhere; they give away hundreds of bags of donated groceries every month; and they advocate for non-violence. Brendan Walsh has said, “It is amazing that even after almost half a century we are still standing. Often people ask ‘has your work been successful?’ The simple answer is that we have not achieved success the way most people define it. However, we have not given up our hope. That is our success.”

Please pray about making a contribution to Viva House for the Bread for the World celebration, November 18-19.

Thank You to the Justice & Peace Bread for the World Subcommittee

The Bread for the World Subcommittee, of the St. Ignatius Justice & Peace Committee, advocates for national and international hunger legislation at the federal level. It helps persuade members of Congress to resist the urge to cut programs that assist individuals who depend on them for nutritional sustenance through Offerings of Letters, in conjunction with ongoing efforts to inform parishioners about the plight of hungry brothers and sisters in Maryland and especially in the city of Baltimore.

A Couple of Other Notable Efforts

Here are two other notable efforts in our city.

The first effort we want to highlight is Catholic Charities’ Our Daily Bread Employment Center Hot Meal Program. Just three blocks away from St. Ignatius at 725 Fallsway, Our Daily Bread serves nutritious lunches every day of the year and breakfast to seniors and individuals with disabilities each weekday. Click here to learn more.

The second effort are the Weekend Backpack Programs that fill backpacks with food for the weekend for homeless kids, discreetly meeting their need to uphold their dignity. Since there is no school on weekends, some children cannot get enough food. One organization tackles this problem and is now serving homeless kids in schools in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.  We are taking a close look at their program.  If you are interested in participating on the ground floor of this initiative with the Justice & Peace Committee, send an email to

Get Involved During Bread for the World Sunday Weekend

Bread for the World Sunday is an opportunity for our church and community of faith to join with others — in thousands of churches across the country — in living out God’s vision of a world without hunger. Through our efforts our church can give bold witness to God’s justice and mercy to Baltimoreans experiencing hunger and food insecurity.

How to get involved:

  • Please note: Our collection for Viva House will take place on the same week as Bread for the World Sunday (Nov. 18–19) — please mark your calendars
  • Join St. Ignatius’s Loaves and Fishes Ministry or spread the word (clickhere)
  • Join Bread for the World and spread the word: click here for flyer containing information, a prayer, and a registration form
  • Advocacy: Join the Bread for the World Subcommittee of the Justice and Peace Committee by emailing

○    Congress is planning to lower taxes on the wealthy while cutting food assistance programs

○    To write, call, and email our elected officials in Congress, see below:

■    Here is a Grassroots Advocacy Toolkit explaining the Biblical reasons for taking political action on hunger and poverty

■    Here is a more recent toolkit from the leading national nonprofit organization working to eradicate poverty-related hunger

On Bread for the World Sunday, we recognize and give thanks for the work faith organizations, churches, community groups, and denominations are all doing to remove the obstacles that keep people from sharing in God’s abundance. We celebrate the diversity of faith traditions across race, ethnicity, and culture that are working together to end hunger. Moved by God’s love in Jesus Christ, may we reach out in love to our neighbors — with the goal to create a better future for all. God Bless You and Thank You.