Iñigo Book Group

Iñigo Book Group

time 6:30 pm

Every Second Tuesday from

January 9, 2018


December 12, 2018

The Iñigo Book Group meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM in the Church Offices at 110 E. Madison St.

The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro is January’s book.   Not much happens in The Remains of the Day, at least not on the surface.  Below the surface, beneath the narrator’s daily account of his week’s travels by car to the West Country, however, much is to be discovered.  As the narrator undertakes “the expedition that has been preoccupying  my imagination,” he moves back into the past recollecting “turning points in my life,” leaving readers to ask at the book’s conclusion, What remains at the end of the day?  On one level, the book is a portrait of a man’s assessment of his life.  On another level, Kazuo Ishiguro, an outsider, in his portrait of the narrator, examines the meaning of Englishness and dignity.  For Salman Rushdie, The Remains of the Day is subversive.

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