– Women of the New Testament

– Women of the New Testament

Parish Offices

time 6:45 pm

Every Third Tuesday from

January 23, 2018


December 18, 2018

The Women of the New Testament ministry explores the diverse roles of women in the early church by studying and discussing the Old Testament, the New Testament, other writings and practices of the early church, and scholarly commentary on these sources. In the light of this process, the group–women and men–pray to discern the roles to which women (and men) are being called in the contemporary church.

Meetings are at 6:45 PM. The meeting takes place from 7 – 8:30 PM. in the Parish Office Conference Room at 110 E. Madison Street. Our committee chair is Melody Gordon-Healy, mghealy@att.net.

Current Book: Women and The Genesis of Christianity by Ben Witherington III (Chapters 13-14).

This study explores the role of women in New Testament times. Beginning with the woman’s place in Judaism, in the Hellenistic world, and in the Roman Empire, Witherington demonstrates how Jesus broke significantly with convention in how he viewed women, offering as he did a wholly new conception of the legitimate rights of women in society.

At the meeting on May 15th we will be discussing the article ‘Sorting Out the Seven Marys in the New Testament’ (click here) in preparation for the celebration of St. Mary Magdalen’s Feast Day on Saturday, July 21. All are welcome to join us.