The Ignatian Family
Teach-In for Justice

The Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice (IFTJ) is an annual gathering for members of the Ignatian family (Jesuit institutions and larger church) to come together in the context of social justice and solidarity to learn, reflect, pray, network, and advocate together. It is a place where people are empowered, re-energized, inspired, challenged, and supported by a community that sees faith and justice integrally linked.

Now in its 20th year, the IFTJ has a rich history rooted in honoring the Jesuits and their companions who were martyred in El Salvador in 1989. Saint Ignatius is a member of the Ignatian Solidarity Network (ISN).

Highlights From Past Ignatian Family Teach-Ins Justice

Upcoming 2018 Ignatian Family Teach-In For Justice

The Courage to Journey Together as an Intersectional Community

Our call at IFTJ 2017 is to row toward the depths of our hearts and minds both as individuals and communities. We are guided by the Jesuits’ Superior General Fr. Arturo Sosa in our desire for “… a humanity reconciled in justice, that dwells peacefully in a well-cared-for home, where there is a place for all.”

Rowing Into the Deep pushes us beyond our comfort into the deep waters. This depth is the Ignatian magis, not just a quaint word meaning more, but as Pope Francis states, “The magis is the fire, the fervour in action, awakening those who have become dormant.”

We must wake ourselves and others from dormancy. This awakening is no easy task and requires great depth of heart and mind. We cannot accept the status quo in either ourselves or our surrounding world. At IFTJ 2017, we will row into unfamiliar waters that will stretch and challenge us, but ultimately move us to magis, a greater, stronger, and more enduring love of justice.

The Justice and Peace Committee extends an invitation to all parishioners to join us and attend this year’s IFTJ. We will publish more information of how we will gather as a group from St. Ignatius as we are closer to the event.