Current Project

St. Ignatius Community Joins
75,000 Meal Challenge

St. Ignatius is participating in Catholic Relief Services’ 2018 75,000 Meal Challenge, hosted by the Orioles, and we need you to join our Fundraising Effort! Our goal is to raise $1,500, which would be used by CRS to send 75,000 meals to vulnerable people in Burkina Faso, West Africa. It will also support long-term projects that empower individuals to be self-sufficient. You can support our efforts by donating directly on our page or by joining our team of fund raisers at the link –

If you join our team, you may also be eligible to participate in the meal packaging event at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on Sunday, September 9, from 10:00 AM  to 2:00 PM, which will feature appearances by The Oriole Bird and Orioles Alumni! There is also a mass scheduled from 9:00 AM -10:00 AM at the park. But you must hurry and register, because only the first 400 people can participate in this fun opportunity to make a difference! Every day, thousands of people are afflicted by hunger forcing many to risk dangerous journeys hoping to survive in foreign lands. This is an easy opportunity to contribute towards the creation of a hunger-free world.

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Past Project

Walk-A-Mile In My Shoes – Refugee Camp Simulation
– June 24, 2018

Speechless. Devastated. Moved. These were just some of the feelings parishioners had after leaving Camp Peace, the Refugee Camp Simulation hosted by the Immigration Subcommittee on Sunday, June 24. About 60 individuals and families participated in this simulation, which included stations emulating various aspects of life in a refugee camp: entry, shelter, water, food, health services and education. There was also a Detention Center Station, to which parishioners were diverted with little explanation as many refugees are when they arrive to a new country.

The Immigration Subcommittee was formed by parishioners concerned about the injustices faced by immigrant, refugee and asylee families and individuals. Many of today’s immigrants leave their home countries because of intense violence, lack of opportunity, economic or legal injustices and persecution due to religion, gender, sexual orientation or political affiliation. We feel called by the Gospel and guided by Catholic Social Teaching to welcome the stranger by seeing in the immigrant the face of Christ. The United States is a country built by immigrants, most of us need to look back only one or two generations to discover our own immigrant ancestors.

Contact Information

Vonetta Edwards
Immigration Subcommittee Chair


Justice & Peace Meetings

The Justice & Peace Committee generally meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM. Click here for complete information.

Details, facts and articles regarding our Family Mentoring Program.

Things you can do right now that will make a difference.

Details on upcoming events presented by the Immigration Subcommittee.

Visit events presented by the Immigration Subcommittee in the past.

A collection of articles including immigration myths & human rights facts.

A list of external partners and references committed to immigration needs.




What happened to immigrant children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border? 

Take time to watch PBS Frontline’s Separated: Children at the Border, an hour-long documentary exploring the impact of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy, and how both Trump and Obama dealt with minors at the border.

A Message To My Friends About Immigration – From PBS

Ignatian Solidarity Network

Ignatian Solidarity Network Strongly Condemns Termination of Temporary Protected Status for Honduras

The Ignatian Solidarity Network strongly condemns the Trump administration’s decision to terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Honduras in January 2020. TPS protects individuals and families who would otherwise be in harm’s way in their countries of origin, which are recovering from catastrophic events such as natural disaster, war, famine, or disease. As people of faith, we believe in the dignity of human life and denounce a decision to return people to conditions where their lives will be immediately put in danger.  READ MORE

Jesuit Relief Service

Baltimore, MD, 16 January, 2018 – St. Ignatius Parish in Baltimore, MD has taken many actions to respond to Pope Francis’s call to welcome, protect, promote, and integrate refugees and migrants. Here are six of them they’ve shared…READ MORE

“Runners for Others”:  Ignatian 5 K Run

We are proud to announce that the Runners for Others: An Ignatian 5K will present the 2018 “Beyond the Finish Line” Award to Vonetta Edwards, PhD!! This annual award celebrates Ignatian service and commitment to others by honoring an individual possessing the vision, courage, humility and stamina to make great things happen. READ MORE