Justice & Peace

The Justice & Peace Committee of Saint Ignatius Catholic Community is dedicated to the service of faith and the promotion of justice. As a parish we are called and challenged to articulate, advocate, and act upon critical social, economic, cultural and political issues that affect us, our city and our world. We are also called to be a resource to provide parishioners with opportunities to live out their faith through justice. The Committee aims to address the challenges that affect the work of justice in our community. The values of our Church teachings direct our efforts to work for peace and justice. All are Welcome. One of our goals is to deepen our understanding of the principles of Catholic social teaching and then, through word and action, help to integrate these principles more fully into the life of our parish community. With your support, we can expand our efforts. If our mission interests you and you want to know more about our advocacy and education endeavors and social ministry projects, we invite you to join us.The Committee organizes periodic collections of groceries for the Catholic Worker Viva House, and sponsors Movie Nights. For an overview flyer of this ministry, CLICK HERE.

Contact:  Candra Healy at CHealy@loyola.edu