jp logo1-2 copyAs a Jesuit parish literally located between East and West Baltimore, we cannot ignore the racial tensions that have harmed the common good of our city.

Racial tension has its roots in injustice, mutual suspicion, fear, ignorance, and a lack of compassion.

The purpose of the Forum is to lift up, focus, and deepen the many ties St. Ignatius already has with the African-American community. We want to engage, partner with, and be converted by the diverse urban community we are a part of.

We will create spaces for dialogue, prayer, and listening; and develop activities and training that promote education and advocacy. Our goal is to be stewards of faith, hope, and love by promoting model relationships that are rooted in truth, compassion, equality, and peace.

Each graphic on this forum is linked to a resource pertaining to racial justice. There are also links to news articles, educational videos, and more. Check it out to learn more and discover ways to get involved! If you have any questions or a resource to contribute, please e-mail