Racial Justice Subcommittee

jp logo1-2 copyThe Racial Justice Subcommittee of the Justice and Peace Committee defines racial justice as the systematic, transformative, and fair treatment of all races that results in equal opportunities and outcomes for all.  The foundation of our Christian faith is rooted in the knowledge that all are made in the image and likeness of God.  With this truth, we are devoted to upholding the dignity of all persons through, with, and in Christ.  We stand in solidarity with those facing hardship and injustice due to race.  We will create spaces for dialogue, prayer, and listening, and develop activities and training that promote education and advocacy. Our goal is to be stewards of faith, hope, and love by promoting model relationships that are rooted in truth, compassion, equality, and peace.

Contact: Toni Moore-Duggan – tjmduggan@aol.com