– Maryland Fight for $15

– Maryland Fight for $15

time 5:00 pm

January 15, 2018

Next month, legislation will be introduced in the Maryland General Assembly to increase Maryland’s minimum wage from $10.10 per hour on July 1, 2018 to $15.00 per hour by 2023. There will be a rally among supporters on Monday, January 15 (MLK Day) at 5 PM in Annapolis (Baltimore County Delegation Room – 6 Bladen St.) All supporters are encouraged to attend. At the conclusion of the rally, we will be meeting with individual legislators to gain their support.

Ever since Pope Leo XIII’s 1891  encyclical Rerum Novarum (The Condition of Labor), the Catholic social teaching  as clearly and continually emphasized the inherent dignity of work and workers.

Pope John Paul II wrote in On Human Work in 1981 that the payment of living wages was a critical criterion for determining the legitimacy of the entire economic system.

Pope Francis has often written and spoken about the need for rights of workers, including fair wages.

In the past two months, Montgomery County joined Washington, DC and other states, counties and cities in passing Fight For $15 legislation. In Baltimore, the City Council passed FF$15 early in 2017, which was vetoed by Mayor Pugh.

The Fight For $15 legislation would gradually raise minimum wages from $10.10 over five years. It would also bring tipped workers wages to $15 by 2025. They can currently by paid sub-minimum. Finally, the minimum wage would be indexed to inflation, so future wages would not be eroded.

If you are interested in attending the rally, or otherwise participate in the campaign, please sign up on Facebook www.facebook.com/FF15MARYLAND . Transportation is being provided. Be sure to note that you are from St. Ignatius. You may also contact Terry Cavanagh of the St. Ignatius Justice & Peace Committee at 202-368-4814 or tcavanagh@seiumddc.org