– Young Family “Thankfulness Sunday”

young family
time 9:30 am

November 11, 2018

Young Family “Thankfulness Sunday”

Join Young Families on Sunday, November 11, from 9:30 to 11 (between masses) to help build a Thankfulness Tree and enjoy thankful-ish snacks. Parents and children can fill the tree with colorful leaves showing what they’re thankful for in their families and their communities. Don’t worry if your kids don’t write (ours doesn’t). You can be the scribe or have your kids take the pen to write or draw something–the leaves are going on the tree regardless of writing or drawing ability. And if your kids are among our very youngest, come hang a leaf to show what you’re thankful for as new (or newly repeat) parents. And everyone can have snacks and catch up with other young families before the holiday travel season begins. We’ll be in Ignatian Hall — see you there!

Please shoot us a quick email so we can ballpark how many leaves to make!

Gracie + Craig – craig.gracie.smith@gmail.com